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calculation problems

how to calculate the length of a plant

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19-Oct-2012 07:00

I created a CD to recognise grass species of South Africa. I used Cardbox for it and it works fine.
As end user you can make use of a lot of buttons and you can enter values to be calculated, but the method to calculate the length or width of a leaf is a bit sloppy. Maybe someone can help me.

In my database I inserted characteristics of all the grass species. If the stem length of a grass can be between 40 and 90 cm, I entered 40 in Field1 and 90 in Field2. If a user finds a grass with a stem length of 60 cm, he can enter that value in the system. Cardbox selects all records greater than 40 (Field1) and smaller than 90 (Field2). As you can see, for one value Cardbox has to make two selections. This happens of course for all other choises you make (leaf lenght, width, number of flowers, etc.). So the selection levels increases very fast, and when you want to go back to the previous level you have to press 'undo level' twice.
Is there a more simple method to calculate and select?



19-Oct-2012 09:09


I think in this direction:
Make a special database with fields for every field to be searched.

Then a search could go like this:
1.Screen button opens search record database
2.Deletes all present records (or adds one - old queries can be saved then!)
3.Add an new record for entering search values
4.Screen button saves that record, close that db, and use the values you've just entered for querying your grass database;
A second button can bring you to the query database for changing your query (last record edit).

Another solution is making in Visual Basic or something a form in which you enter your search values which can do the job for you.

This is a really a macro job but I did such a thing once before. It is really a nice solution for such a thing.



19-Oct-2012 09:26

Thank you Bert. I shall try.

Do you know if once in the future there will be an Android version of Cardbox. For me it should be perfect, than I can use my grass identification key in the field!



19-Oct-2012 10:20

I think there will never be an Android version.
But why there must be such a fashion thing?

On a netbook you can do a lot more then on any Android tablet.
And let be phone, a phone....
Over 20 inch screens we liked, and now we want to work now with a 1 inch screen?
I think we lost our way.

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