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The new Cardbox Talk forum

The Cardbox Talk forum is a replacement for the Cardbox Talk discussion list that was previously hosted by Topica.

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21-Jun-2005 10:47

We have moved the Cardbox Talk discussion mailing list from Topica to a new forum-based system. This is more secure and will allow messages to be organised and archived for future reference.

From your point of view, the main differences are as follows:

- Message posting is through the web interface: you can't post messages to the forums by email any more.
- Before you can post any messages to the Cardbox Talk forum, you need to register as a user by following the Register / Log In link at the top of the page (for example, at http://forums.cardbox.com).
- Whenever a message is posted to a forum, it is automatically emailed to anyone who has subscribed to email alerts. Subscribing to email alerts is the equivalent of being a member of a mailing list, so we have subscribed all of you to email alerts for Cardbox Talk - but you can change your level of email alerts if you like by clicking on the Email Alerts link at the top of any forum page.

Please visit the forum page at http://forums.cardbox.com/TALK and register yourself so that you can post messages whenever you need to. If you have any questions about the system then try the Help link at the top of each forum page or email us at support@cardbox.com.

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