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Microsoft SyncToy

Syncronising Cardbox Fil files.

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26-Sep-2012 12:36

I have just discovered SyncToy and wonder if Cardbox files can be syncronised in different computers without having to copy the whole file everytime. Synctoy seems to just add the new records on other databases. I suspect not with Cardbox, but does anyone know?.

Charles Welling

26-Sep-2012 13:38

I read the description of SyncToy and to me it seems to be just another programme that synchronises folders. That means it copies whole files from A to B or vice versa.
The fact that Cardbox databases consist of only two files make them so easy to copy, so why bother to use SyncToy? And again (and again and again): when you update a database on different computers or when you want to share databases with other users: use the Cardbox server. Somehow that programme seems to be made for the job.


26-Sep-2012 13:40

Synctoy will not work in Cardbox.

If you want to edit more then on user in same database, use Cardbox Server to do that!

However, if this is impossible by a location or other problems (I have also such a situation and copy is impossible because the database > 50 GigaByte (yes!)) an alternative for copy the databases is this:
- Make an automatic marker in every record which is edited/saved in the "main" database (default text validator)
- A macro writes once a day -or when you want- the marked records to a dmp file, the markers are reset then
- The dmp file is transported to the the slave database location and read into the slave database;
- Of course there are duplicate records then. A dedup macro, using the Cardbox Deduplicate function, can do that (sort from Z->A!), then you can select by the tagged records the last occurrences of records. The older records can be deleted then. Works only good in case the sequence of the records is not important.
Of course you need unique record numbers in one special field.
- Alternative for last thing is: make on the slave location an update database, read the dmp into that update database, then update or add (in case of new records) record by record the slave database and delete all records in the update database after the action. Works quick.

The last line is the way I work. Need to macro a little, but it is a good working system.

Or, do as you said, copy the database to the alternative location. But in case of big database that can be difficult.



27-Sep-2012 08:26

Bert as ever, most useful. Thank you.

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