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CB asking for Access Code when trying to add password

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26-Sep-2012 12:33

Using the downloaded free version of cardbox we created a database in one location. The .fil and .fmt files were sent to a second location by email and added to the server there. When we tried to passwords for the database it asked for an Access Code. Does anyone know what this is and where we can find it?
Many thanks, Helen


26-Sep-2012 13:15

Add it first Cardbox server.
Then use YOUR entered code in the by the server opened database.

Charles Welling

27-Sep-2012 07:44

The Cardbox access code used to be a code (key) that was supplied to registered users of the licensed version of Cardbox. It unlocked the password features.
The free version doesn't use the access code anymore. I guess that the Cardbox version on the second location still is a licensed version, which expects an access code when you want to enter passwords.
The administrator of the second location must have the access code. If the access code is somehow lost, update the second location to the free version as well, which will solve your problem.


27-Sep-2012 09:10

Charles, you're almost right but there are subtleties. Access codes aren't asked for if you are working on your own database (opened directly, that is) but they are still needed if you are working on a database on a Cardbox server.

I've just written a blog post which explains the options and the reasons why access codes exist at all: http://blog.cardbox.com/2012/09/27/access-codes-in-cardbox/

Charles Welling

27-Sep-2012 10:46

Cardboss, you're completely right, but there are more subtleties :-)

First of all, you don't tell us in your blog how someone who downloads the free server is supposed to get an access code.

Secondly, the absence of an access code can be circumvented. Administrators can install Cardbox 3.1 on the server machine as well and directly open databases to add passwords and/or encryption. When the database is subsequently accessed by a user through the server programme, the access code is no longer asked for.

If administrators of new installations no longer have access codes and have to add passwords in the way I mentioned above, perhaps Cardbox 3.1 should simply tell users they are not allowed to enter passwords or to encrypt databases at all. "Contact your administrator".

After all: if administrators are the only ones with access to the server machine and are also the only ones with access to the codes, who needs the codes?

Kind regards,


27-Sep-2012 16:51

"If you are your own administrator, read pages 42–43 of the Cardbox Server book, which describe how to set up and change access codes on the server."

You can choose any access code you like.


27-Sep-2012 17:20

Cardbox is seen in all big networks I have seen as an application.
So, there not a system administrator is boss of an application, the application owner is "boss" of the application.
So he will have rights or has short lines with server owners and he will manage/save the access code in a network.
A system administrator is just an executor!
Cardbox cannot correct the absence of application owners in many organisations...


4-Oct-2012 12:27

Thanks for all your help, I will pass this on to my managers who were having the problem originally.

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