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Cardbox via Internet

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4-Sep-2012 19:08

Hi all,

I asked somenone's help for making a Cardbox-database availabe via Internet. That is all too difficult for me.

But now he writing me this:

"I have installed Cardbox, but I didn't succeed in getting access to the server. Could be an licence-issue. I watched some Carbox demo's, but it looks if you need a Cardbox client for making your database available for public. That is not very handy"

Is this true? Does the public need a client for using my Cardbox-database via Internet??


4-Sep-2012 19:41

Yes: you need a Cardbox Client to use the database via Internet.

However, there is more:
- Using Cardweb (not free - you have to buy it at IOTA.NL). You can use this to make queries in a your Cardbox database by any browser. Read only, a little limited functionality. Example are om http://www.cardweb.nl
- Or you can make ASP pages for a MS IIS Web server. You can program ASP scripts for queries or even writing in Cardbox Databases. Very much possibilities. Example: http://stortenbeker.eu

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