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How do you put bullet points in macros?

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28-Aug-2012 14:11

Hi All

I am writing a macro that generates an email. Within the email I would like to put a bullet pointed list. Can anyone tell me how I word the maro to do this?



28-Aug-2012 14:38

This is only possible when generating HTML email.

Unfortunately Cardbox itself it cannot produce such HTML. One of my biggest wishes for future development was that a layout of a format could be translated to html for generating an html email body. However, I think such a development will never happen. Very a pity.

However, there is added a few months ago in Cardbox that you can by a macro retrieve more layout info then before.
With this information I try to develop now a general macro that can make simple html, to use in a macro for sending macro generated html email in Cardbox. However, this is not ready yet.
It is now only possible to develop html email by placing complete html code into your macro (I use it every day...).

What to do now? I hope you use MS Office, included Outlook. In that case: export from Cardbox to a csv file your addresses you want to mail. With that you make a (e!)mail-merge situation into Word. Many people do not know that you can use mail merge in MS Word also for emailing. Nice supplement is that you are rid from Outlook security messages if you make a word/outlook email merge in combination with a CSV file.


28-Aug-2012 15:19

Many thanks for your reply Bert - Will give it a try...

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