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Hyperlinks or Email Addresses in Macro

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28-Aug-2012 14:02


I am a novice when it comes to writing macros and currently going through a steep learning curve!!

I am trying to write a macro where an email is generated to a recipient. In the body of the email I want to put an email address for the recipient to respond to,i.e.: joe.bloggs@abc.co.uk - how do I write this so that it appears as a hyperlink to email rather than just text?

Any help would be appreciated...


Jelly Belly

28-Aug-2012 14:29

Normally mailto:joe.bloggs@abc.co.uk would do the trick


28-Aug-2012 15:16

Thank you for your reply - it works

Is there any way of hiding / not displaying the mailto: part of it in the resulting document as I would prefer for it just to show the actual email address?


Jelly Belly

28-Aug-2012 15:33

Not that I'm aware of but when the user clicks the hyperlink they only get the address part of the link in the address bar of their e-mail. As Bert remarked in your other question, you can do a lot more with html than plain text.

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