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DOS Version Error Code 7

Using Cardbox Plus and got it's first corruption in 10 years.

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14-Aug-2012 13:04

I set up my parents with Cardbox Plus maybe 20 years ago (gulp) and it's been working perfectly since then.
Today they got an error code 7 which is a corruption in the database that needs repair and then a bulk load. However, I'm in America and can't quite recall the menus and steps. This is 10 years since I've even seen the Cardbox screen.

My parents are not technically minded and I will need to take the time and patience to go through it with them, but if there are any old school members on this forum can you just run over the steps again to confirm I haven't forgotten something.

Martin, if you read this and have a way I can download a DOS version as a test, that would be wonderful.

Thanks all
Phil Drawbridge


14-Aug-2012 13:32

Hi Phil -

Are you the same Phil that used to be on Cardbox support?

I still use Cardbox Plus, and if your parents have access to email, I'll be glad to guide them, step by step.

Otherwise, to summarize the steps - [a] either use the repair/bulkload from the main menu, or alternatively [b] dump or write the database into a file [NEW/e.d. database.dmp]the database, rename the old one [e.g. database.old], create a new database [e.g. database.fil, and either bulk load, or read.

If i remember right, write will fail in case of corruption, in which case dmp function would be better.


Y Levy


14-Aug-2012 13:38

Cardbox-Plus Main menu READY1
║ ║
║ Use Database Add/Edit Formats ║
║ Analyse Database Add/Edit Templates ║
║ Create Database Create Format File ║
║ ==> Backup/Repair ║
║ Bulk Load Database ║
║ Order Database ║
║ ║
║ Extract all readable records from a damaged database. ║
║ (See chapter 15 of the manual for details) ║
║ Use cursor keys ↑ ↓ ← → to select a function, ║
║ or hit F to set or change the filename. ║
║ Finally, hit F10 to perform the function, ║
║ or Alt-F10 to leave Cardbox-Plus. ║


14-Aug-2012 13:41

Here is the main screen; I have checked, and dmp will read all readable records - whilst read will crash once it tries to read acorrupted record


15-Aug-2012 03:07

Mr Levy! Yes, I remember you well. Oh how the tables have turned. Thank you for the screen shot. That gave my brain the tweak it needed to remember the process.


15-Aug-2012 13:22

All sorted! Thanks again. Only 3 records lost out of 108,000.


15-Aug-2012 14:23

Well done Phil.


17-Aug-2012 00:13

Just want to say hello to Philip.

We worked together quite a lot in the development of CBWin.

All the best!

Rod Bearden


5-Oct-2012 14:47

Sorry Rod, I didn't notice your reply. I do remember our many conversations.


6-Oct-2012 20:59

And I'm still using the same database that I started back in the days of CP/M. It's now 80,000 records and in daily use.



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