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6-Jul-2012 17:07

I'd like to share my database on CDROM, and I'd like to have only the Search menu visible. Is this possible?


6-Jul-2012 17:23

Perhaps is there a hidden way. I know not one.
It is standard not in the client, also not in the macro language.

However, a cdrom... No command can damage your db or application.
Ok, ok, for cosmetic reasons it can be nice.

Charles Welling

7-Jul-2012 10:50

Well, there is a way. One of the "secret" features of Cardbox is that the menus can be translated. If the Cardbox folder contains a textfile such as "cbxm####.txt" where "####" stands for the country code, Cardbox will substitute its English menus/messages for the translated menus/messages from the file.
For instance, the Dutch file (cbxm0013.txt) contains the following:

3001&File &Bestand
3002&Open... &Open...
3003&New Database... &Nieuwe Database...
3004&Workspace... &Werkruimte...


Cardbox will not use this file unless you tell it to do so.

If you would use a similar file and call it "cbxm0809.txt" (0809 = English), Cardbox will substitute its English messages without you having to tell it to do so, because English is the default language.
If that file looks like this:

3001&File &
3002&Open... &
3003&New Database... &
3004&Workspace... &


"File", "Open" etc. will be substituted by: nothing. The menu bar will be empty.

If you keep the entries that deal with searching, that item will however be in the menu bar.

NB this was just to tell you that it can be done. It would not advise you to actually do it. It is a lot of work and there is little to gain.


7-Jul-2012 13:58

Creative solution. However: you cannot force Cardbox on a cd to start with another language default then UK first time...
It's a registry setting (and not -a pity!-) a workspace setting.
Best solution could be writing a script that fist changes setting HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Cardbox\Cardbox 3.0\User Interface\Language, then launch Cardbox.


7-Jul-2012 15:38

See above... Charles was right!
I Never tested/realised that cbxm0809.txt has priority above the default Carbox menu text!
In that case my script is not necessary. Interesting feature!

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