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Non images - can't enable feature

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2-Jul-2012 09:19

I've just upgraded to the lasted buid of Cardbox, and I'm wanting to embed PDFs in my database, but I can't find the option labelled "Allow non-image files in image fields". Am I looking in the wrong place?

Charles Welling

2-Jul-2012 10:25

The option to allow or disallow non-image files in image fields was removed. I never understood why it was there at all: everybody could turn it on or off. Why bother? You either use this feature or you don't.

In the present build non-image files are always allowed.

If you have a database with an image field, you can edit the record, right-click the image field and choose "load non-image file" from the pop-up menu. That's all.


2-Jul-2012 11:08

Thank you!

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