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problems loading non-images with Carbox 3.1

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11-May-2012 18:19

I recently upgraded to Cardbox 3.1 and I have problems loading non-image files (e.g. pdf). Which is something I could easily do before. In my database, I activate a field to modify a non-image file, delete the old ones, but I cannot upload new ones. Has anybody encountered this problem?
Many thanks!


11-May-2012 19:31

Cardboss just posted "please copy/paste error messages..." + describe what moment the error appears:
Like: Until this it works ok, then I did this, and it did not work as I expected.

I did not experience trouble with non image files in 3.1. I read about 1300....

Have attention: we live now at build 4401 (in 4400 there was a bug).



11-May-2012 21:39

Thanks. No error, just that it will freeze trying to upload, and nothing happens until you hit Esc several times, but then, doing this aborts the up-loading.


11-May-2012 23:06

This is exactly the Build 4400 bug. Upgrade to the latest build (4401) and all will be well. Apologies!

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