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11-May-2012 07:51

After reading that Cardbox 3.1 was available I downloaded and installed it, but noa a few days later Norton tells me that cbox3eng.exe is a suspicion program and removed it.


11-May-2012 07:56

Re above I have downloaded and installed again but same thing happens. Result is I can not open any files. How can I revert to Cardbox 3 please.


11-May-2012 08:36

@ Cardboss: will this be repaired?

Remove cardbox3.exe, run the 3.0 instcli.exe again.


11-May-2012 11:22

I'm afraid we can't stop cbox3eng.exe from being deleted by a program we didn't write. You should contact the supplier of the program for advice.


11-May-2012 12:19

The anti virus software Norton is doing all this. I couldn´t see the Cardbox version 3 download on the Cardbox website.
I have fortunately found my original Cardbox CD so have been able to re-install.


11-May-2012 12:20

Is there in Norton no way to mark it as a safe file?
In my virus scanners is such a option available (MS Security Essentials is ther, also in AVAST). I used this option for a cd tray open/close program.
(got no hit to Cbox3eng.exe)


11-May-2012 12:23

For download latest Cardbox 3.0 (not license free)
Egbert Parmentier (IOTA) placed it on his website:



Charles Welling

11-May-2012 14:07

Every decent antivirus programme has a whitelist for programmes that are erroneously marked as dangerous. I can't imagine that Norton doesn't have one. If not: get yourself another virus scanner. What are you going to do if you have a virus scanner that marks all your programmes as unsafe? Install older versions until your virus scanner says it's ok?

Try reading a helpfile or manual or browse through Norton's menus. It must be there.


11-May-2012 15:00

I intend to look at Norton but now I wish I had not changed anything I am now not able to open my databases but am now getting an 80070002 internal error.


11-May-2012 15:20

Sounds simple: after changing Norton: did you reboot your machine?
Sometime easy forgotten, but often helps. (it's windows)

How do you open the database? By "Cardbox Server" or by "My Computer"?
What happens if you double click on a database in Win Explorer?



11-May-2012 16:17

Managed to solve this by following your advice. Went into Norton and told it to trust Cbox3eng.exe. Didn´t like it but after some red lights and screams it did what it was told. I then went back and downloaded Cardbox 3.1 and now all is well.
Big thank you yet again to Bert and Charles.


11-May-2012 16:35

Juan, you've done the right thing. All sensible anti-virus programs have a way for you to tell them not to bark at something - it's just a question of working your way past all the bells and whistles to find it.

A couple of points for the future:

1. This applies to everybody! When a Windows error message appears, it's almost always possible to press Ctrl+C to copy its text, then paste it somewhere. For instance, Juan's error message was probably:

Opening format file...

Command failed.

The system cannot find the file specified (80070002).

Copying and pasting is a lot easier than trying to retype the message, or memorise it, or paraphrase it. And it may include crucial information that your report of the error would otherwise miss.

2. The error message was caused by the removal of cbox3eng.exe: I was able to reproduce it by temporarily renaming my cbox3eng.exe file. Renaming it back made everything work again.

3. It is never possible to know what an anti-virus program dislikes about something. If they made the information public, virus writers would know what to avoid. I can make a guess that it is the fact that cbox3eng.exe is started for you by Cardbox, when you open a database on your own computer, rather than being something you start directly for yourself.

4. So (you may ask) if cbox3eng.exe has always worked like this, why should Norton start complaining now? Again, I can't say because I didn't write Norton - but it could, literally, be something as absurd as the change from "3.0" to "3.1" in the version number. This might make Symantec start a separate entry in their database for the new "3.1" and not remember what they already knew about "3.0".

5. Symantec claim to have a system for counting how many Norton users around the world have particular programs and/or files, and once enough users have them, it stops suspecting them. Something like that. I don't know how much of this to believe, but some of it may be true, and it's quite possible that nobody (or hardly anybody) will have this problem in the future.


11-May-2012 18:55

That is a great post. Thank you. You are right about Symantec (Norton), they only knew of 5 users so they did not rate the file favorably.

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