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10-May-2012 07:09

Hello is cardbox 3.1 compatible with sage 50 accounts 2012, we use carbox and sage and I would like to know how to use the 2 together. If its possible this would speed up invoicing each month.


10-May-2012 08:11

You do not write what you exactly need. If Sage supports Windows Visual Basic/ActiveX like MS Office applications (and more), than it can very good communicate with Cardbox 3.0/3.1.
If not, then creative solutions perhaps are possible.
You have to look in the Sage information what export/communication possibilities it has. On sage.com is this all misty.

Actually there is in most communication possibilities nothing changed in Cardbox 3.1 after build 4272 or so (adding non the non image files). That is a pity by the way.


10-May-2012 09:44


Thank you for your reply. I would like to know how to transfer the relevant information from cardbox (on one computer) to sage (on another computer)they are linked. We want to speed up invoicing. At the moment the information is put onto cardbox then it needs to be re tyed into sage for end of month invoicing.

Charles Welling

10-May-2012 10:24

Could you tell us why you use both Cardbox AND Sage? What is it that you store in Cardbox that you cannot store in Sage? The simplest solution would be to use a single programme, i.e. either Cardbox or Sage, not both.

If Sage is used solely for the purpose of sending invoices: you can use Cardbox for that as well.

Perhaps you can give this forum some information on how you intend to use both programmes before you try to make a link between the both, which may be difficult to make or which may be unreliable in its operation.


10-May-2012 15:12

we use sage for invoicing,accounts and wages. we have cardbox version 3.0 home edition. we used to use carbox dos version and just upgraded to home edition.

Charles Welling

10-May-2012 20:04

So now we know what you use Sage for. But where does Cardbox fit in? You said before that "the information" is put into Cardbox, but as you use Sage for invoicing, accounts and wages I wonder what that information is and why that information is stored in a Cardbox database and not in Sage. If Sage is supposed to work with the data from Cardbox, I think it's likely that it could also be stored in Sage.
So please give a more detailed description of what you intend to do: tell us what kind of data you have (names, addresses, amounts etc.), which data is where (Cardbox or Sage) and how they relate. Then we can talk about a solution.

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