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Cardbox 3.1

We have released a new, licence-free version of Cardbox: Cardbox 3.1.

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9-May-2012 13:33

We are pleased to announce the release of Cardbox 3.1.

Cardbox 3.1 consolidates all the improvements that have been made to Cardbox since the release of Cardbox 3.0. It incorporates one major policy change: it is licence-free.

This means that you can install any number of copies of Cardbox without having to pay for a licence. The old distinction between editions is abolished, and every copy of Cardbox now works like the Professional Edition, with access to its advanced features.

The Cardbox Server is also now licence-free. It can be installed on any Windows or Linux server and it has no licence-imposed limits on the number of users it can support.

With this change, it is possible for people to experiment with new deployments of Cardbox, in the Cloud or elsewhere, without having to worry about licensing. There is now no reason not to use Cardbox.

Concurrently with this change, we are abolishing support subscriptions. All existing subscriptions will be honoured until their expiry date. Otherwise, if the manuals, the help files and the Support section of the web site do not provide the answers you want, you can ask a question on the Cardbox Forums and receive advice from experienced Cardbox users.

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