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Reports with totals

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6-May-2012 22:38

I'm new to Cardbox and would like to open a database that is a record of spending broken down into what the spending is for. From time to time I would like to take off a report with totals in the the dollar columns. What I have read so far does not point the way, for me anyway, to this type of report in Cardbox, although I sure that it is probably there. Any help would be appreciated.

Thank you.

Charles Welling

7-May-2012 14:17

Cardbox can do almost anything, but it has not the kind of report functions such as printing totals of fields containing some kind of amounts. But most of the time there's some kind of solution.

First of all: when you don't need a report, but you simply want to know how much is the total of a given selection of records then you may point your mouse at the field containing the amounts, click right and hold. Select "total" from the popup menu.

You can however make reports in the following way:
For now I'll assume that your database is called "Spending".
Make a copy of the format file (spending.fmt) and give it a name like "reports.fmt" or anything you find appropriate. Use the menu File > New database to create an empty database similar to your main database.
Edit the "reports" database to add a field or fields "TOTAL".
Make a view that shows the records the way you want them to appear.

Open both databases ("spending" and "reports"). Make your selection in "spending", sort the records if you want to and switch to "reports". Import the records into "reports" using the menu File > Import > From Cardbox Window.

Make a new record in reports (it will appear at the end) and put the totals in the field(s) TOTAL.
The view you created will show all the amounts and data, but the totals will appear at the end.

All this may sound a bit complicated, but making the reports database is a matter of copying your "Spending" database and make some small modifications. It needs to be done only once.
Importing the data from the "Spending" database is a matter of seconds.

When you make reports this way, the reports are saved in your reports database for future reference. Even when your "Spending" database changes, the reports remain unaltered.

For the next report you can:
- reuse the "Reports" database by deleting the old records and doing a new import.
- copy the first "reports.fmt" and make another reports database (add the date to the name!)
- add the next import to the existing records in "Reports" and distinguish the records by automatically adding a date.

Anyway, you'll have an overview of how your spending evolves in time.


7-May-2012 14:34

Thank you Charles for your considerate detailed reply. I have yet to set up the database but your answer confirms what I thought about reports in Cardbox.

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