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Sorting doesn't seem to work

I'm trying to sort by title the records of the pictures I upload to my photos Web site. The results are random whatever I do.

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18-Apr-2012 20:11


I'm new to Cardbox and this forum, so apologies in advance if I'm going over old ground.

I've recently created a simple database of the pictures I upload to my photos Web site. There are six fields:
1. filename
2. title
3. thumbnail (for a small jpg)
4. gallery (the name of the grouping on the Web site)
5. releases (i.e. model or property release obtained)
6. keywords (for SEO on the site).

All fields are indexed except the thumbnail.

So far, I've entered just over 60 records. All seems to be fine, except I can't reliably sequence the records by title. I've tried from the main menu and by right-clicking on the title field.

The results are always scrambled. The latest effort begis thus: Angle runner, Paxton, Two sphinxes, Reverse arms, Striding, Funerary bust...

I expect it's something I'm doing wrong. Please tell me what it's likely to be.



PS Using CB 3.0 Home Edition under Windows 7 64-bit.


18-Apr-2012 20:49

If it does not sort I only can think: the field content is not indexed.
If you do not have special reasons for switching off terms for the index, set always index mode of a field to all.

Check this first (Edit Format, Field properties).
After perhaps changing it, save format, then use Tools, Management, Adjust Indexing.

Try to sort then again.

Have attention: "right click on a field sort" it only sorts on the first term of the field. Full sort only available by the menu sort function.


18-Apr-2012 23:18

Hello Bert,

Many thanks for the speedy and helpful reply. You put your finger on it when you say "set always index mode of a field to all". That did the trick; I had it on automatic.

All is now as it should be.



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