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Need to move Cardbox Data

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27-Mar-2012 08:44


Hoping someone can help - Im pretty computer savvy but having problems with this

I converted from DOS Cardbox Plus to Cardbox 3 (windows) and it got a bit messy as I used my memory as the final destination for the data

So now Ive got the main cardvox operating system on my hard drive , and on the memory stick is:

Cardbox database
Cardbox format file - this is Cardbox fmt?

Are these the only 2 files I need to use/move or are there others

Also wheres the best place to move them to and when I boot cardbox up each day , do I have to tell it where to look or will it know automatically

Any help will be greatly received




27-Mar-2012 10:22

I have a Cardbox directory and within it I keep the Database file and the FMT file. I keep the application file in the same directory with a shortcut icon on the desktop. Whenever I update the database, I copy it only to an external drive which I keep as a backup. I keep overwriting any existing database on the external drive as I update them.


27-Mar-2012 16:52

Indeed: [name].fil + [name].fmt = Cardbox Database.
then "do I have to tell it where to look or will it know automatically ":
If you close the program Cardbox **without first closing the database window**, Cardbox will start up with the last used (database)window again using file <my documents>\Cardbox\cardbox.cbw. This file is automatic created/updated by Cardbox unless you changed that.

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