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Emails getting blocked by Server??

Our Cardbox is located on a Local Authority server to which we do not have access. When we send emails from our database, any addresses that are not 'internal' do not get through.

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13-Mar-2012 10:51

We cannot have access to the Cardbox files on the server, and although we have to use the Local Authority IT support, they "do not support or know cardbox" and so progress is very slow and difficult. Previously when we have used the bulk email function it has worked fine, but now the only emails that get through are ones with a Local Authority internal address. The LA IT support state that this must be a Cardbox problem, but I cannot see what it could be, and think that it probably isn't. Does anyone have any ideas?? We are currently getting round this by exporting the email addresses to a text file and then cutting and pasting into Outlook (and this works fine), but would like to do it directly from Cardbox if we can. Any ideas would be welcome.

Thanks, Helen


13-Mar-2012 11:29

Some government/local authority email systems require an authorisation phrase.

Usually something like

Hope this helps


13-Mar-2012 11:49

It seems to me your SMTP server is blocked for sending email for your network clients.
More and more companies like to do that for preventing hacking and using it for sending spam by that servers.

I think in that case it will be very difficult to turn this security issue back.
It think you better can use Outlook for sending your email from Cardbox.
If you look into this forum there are some macro examples for sending email by Cardbox using Outlook.
I use this very frequent, it's stratifying and stable.


Charles Welling

13-Mar-2012 12:00

Helen, this is most likely caused by an anti-virus programme and/or firewall. Long ago I had similar problems and they were caused by McAfee that blocked any outgoing e-mails that were not sent by Exchange, thinking they were sent by SPAM programmes. Similar behaviour may be caused by security features of firewalls. Most of the time these blockings are recorded in a log, which would enable your IT support, at least when they are competent, to see if anything of this kind happens.
In that case it is just a matter of telling the system that it is OK for Cardbox to send e-mails.


17-Apr-2012 10:47

Many thanks for all your suggestions, I will pass them on to the IT department. Will let you know (hopefully) of any success that we have.

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