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Macros missing

Button not finding macros

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3-Feb-2012 09:21

Hi. I currently use a set of buttons on cardbox to run different macros. We have 3 diff PC's each with there own macros which the buttons point to. However, we have just upgraded one of our computers to windows 7 (the other 2 comps had windows 7 before and the buttons worked fine)and had installed cardbox and set up the macros on the new computer.

I can play the macros by going to tools and play macros (all the macros are there) however when I click the buttons to play the macros it says macro not found.

I have went to edit mode and clicked the buttons > Action Tab > and made sure it was pointing to the macro in the correct folder. I also noticed that the macro name section didnt have .cbs after the name so i put it and still not joy.

Any Ideas?


3-Feb-2012 10:19

If you store the macros in 'wrong' folder, than this happens.
I think you have to look in each button property, tab action, there is a bullet "database macro's only" activated.
I think your macros are not in the database folder.
So you can choose: place macros in database folder (+restart Cardbox after it) or change the bullet to "all macros".
Hope it helps


17-Feb-2012 09:51

Hi Bert,

Thanks got it working. Hadnt pointed the macros to the right location.

Many Thanks


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