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moving date from Memory stick to hard drive

want to move cardbox data from a memory stick onto my hard drive

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2-Feb-2012 16:44

I converted from DOS Cardbox Plus to Cardbox 3 ( windows) and did it by putting the new date files on my memory stick

Trouble is the memory stick contains old DOS files and the new windows data - how can I recognise ie what the name aof teh new windows data and where do I move it to on my Hard drive so that its with teh Cardbox operating files ??

Any help would be gratefully received


2-Feb-2012 17:56

Please read:


Sometimes even Google can help you with Cardbox



2-Feb-2012 21:41

What not is on that page: .FIL is your data-file.
.FRM is format (DOS version)
.FMT is format Windows (use conversion program)
.FIL is your data-file.
.FIL+.FMT = database (always both in same folder!)
Place file to any folder you like. Perhaps a sub folder Cardbox in "my documents".



3-Feb-2012 18:12

For anyone in doubt. This is just a great piece of software and people on this forum are just, as Americans are found of saying. Just awesome!

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