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New to Macros...Need Help!

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31-Jan-2012 19:52

I honestly know nothing about macros and dont even know if one can be written to do what I need but maybe someone can help me. I am creating a fantasy football database using excel that tracks the pertinent fantasy stats in my league for every player in the NFL. Right now I have a sheet for every single week. A master sheet with every player's name on it and a sheet for every position. The master sheet lists the players names in column A and the weeks of the season in row one. In each cell, I have entered an If/then formula that populates an "X" if the player recorded any stats for that week.

I want to be able to use a macro that recognizes an "X" is in that column, and then on the related position sheet enters the vlookup forumla to pull in the stats. The problem is, I need it to be able to adjust so that it can include up to 16 vlookup formulas. If there is no x in the box then I dont want the vlookup formula to be populated in.

This may be confusing and I tried to explain it as best as I could, so if you need any more clarifications as to what I want please ask. And hopefully you can help me build this to do what I want. THANKS.


31-Jan-2012 20:20

Try this in an Excel macro forum....
You landed into a Cardbox (database) macro forum.


31-Jan-2012 20:26

thanks bert

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