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Moving Data - Help!

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19-Dec-2011 16:32

I want to move all the data in a particular field across to a new field, on every record in the file...how can i do this? is it possible? ...i would have thought i could do this with the 'batch' feature, but cant work it out...


19-Dec-2011 18:15

If BatchEdit is allowed:
- make first a safety copy from your Database if you are not experienced to use BatchEdit (the .fil file)
- try BatchEdit first on a selection of let us say 5 records. So select first 5 records (use TAG or so for this)
- Then BatchEdit
- Click into the field you want to move all data -
- CTRL-A (select all data in that field)
- Ctrl-X (all data is gone in that field, but now on the clipboard)
- click into the field in which you want to paste your data
- Ctrl-V (paste the data of the clipboard)
- Ctrl-S (save the record)
- Click on Batch
- Check your five records when it's done
- If ok now, do the same, but then on all records you want to change.
Be careful. It is a very powerful update option. But if not used right, it can bring you a mess.
So first practise it on a no meaning Database.


19-Dec-2011 19:30

Or, to avoid the risk of messing up your database (since you say that the target field is a new, hence empty field):

Edit Menu - Edit Record
- Go to "origin" field (make sure cursor is at the very beginning of the field)
- Shift+End (to highlight all content)
- Ctrl+C (copy content to clipboard)
- Go to "Target" field
- Ctrl+V (Paste clipboard content)
- Save - Batch & Display (I like to "see it" happening)

Now if everything worked well - you have the two fields with identical content

Check that everything is correct in the new field
If yes -delete the content of the "origin" field in a similar process:
- Edit Menu - Edit Record
- Go to Origin field
- Shift+End
- press delete button on your keyboard
- Save-Batch & Display

Personally, when I need to do something like this - in order to make itr easyer to follow and verify - I quickly create a temporary list format containing the two fields (Cardbox makes this very easy)
- at the beginning you will have the first column with content - the second one empty
- After step 1 - both columns will have identical contents - (it is easy to check)
-After Final step - the first column will be empty


20-Dec-2011 08:49

Iuliana, a couple of corrections:

1. The command to start a batch edit is not Edit > Edit Record but Edit > Batch > Edit. For more confident users, there is a shortcut: Ctrl+B.

2. Shift+End highlights only the first line of a field. To highlight the whole field, use Ctrl+Shift+End, or Bert's Ctrl+A.


20-Dec-2011 11:14


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