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Cardbox Server problems

Our Cardbox server goes to 99% workload in taskmanager, and cannot be accessed by clients

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9-Dec-2011 09:08

Hi, I hope someone here can help me out.

Since a while now, we are having troubles with our cardbox server, for some unknown reason it fills up to 99% workload in taskmanager and is not accesible by our clients.
We are running our cardbox server on a server 2003 virtual server on a hyper v server 2008 R2.
Some days the server just runs fine the whole day and on other days i have to restart the server 1 or 2 times a day.

I Cannot reproduce the faulty behaviour myself so i really have no clue where to start.
The log files on the servers do not give any errors though we get the following error when we try to connect to cardbox with a cardbox client.


opening format file...

An established connection was aborted by the software in your host machine (ECONNABORTED:10053)


Another problem is that if we access the log files of the Cardbox server they are only from the moment the server is started, but as the server has to be restarted to get cardbox up and running again the log files are wiped.
Is there a way to disable the wiping of the log file after a restart? So we can check if there where any error messages in the log file?

hoping for an answer,



9-Dec-2011 09:56

1. Test it first with latest build (download from Cardbox.com). I do not read which build you use. I remember that this happened sometimes in an older build. Also I met this when there was used VB6 program which contains a memory leak. Also a clumsy macro command in a client can occupy Cardbox Server.
2. If you want to save log files: copy them first before you restart the server... You can write them on any place you want by Cardbox Server.
3. If you have a support contract, you can use this sending log files to your Cardbox reseller.


9-Dec-2011 10:24

Thank you for your reply.

we are using Cardbox Server Version 3.0 (Build 162) If im correct this is the latest version available.
I will check the rest of your recommendations and let you know if i find anything.


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