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can you use cardbox on a tablet/ mini laptop?

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2-Dec-2011 10:58

Just wondering... I currently use cardbox in my home office on my PC, but it would be useful to have a handbag sized version to take with me when I divert calls and go out so I can still access my customer records... the best option would seem to be a mini laptop or a tablet, but can anyone tell me whether cardbox would be compatible? Many mini laptops seem to have Windows 7 starter rather than full windows 7 - would that be a problem?
I'm a bit of a dimwit when it comes to these things so jargon-free answers would be much appreciated!
Thanks in advance!


2-Dec-2011 11:22

Cardbox on tablet: no.

Netbook with Win7 starter: no problem.
All Cardbox features run on my Samsung netbook as good as on the 2008 server.

Personal hint: choose a flexible netbook WITH a cable network connector as well as wireless network.
Has northing to do with Cardbox, but a wired connection is in some situations needed.


2-Dec-2011 14:45

fantastic - thanks Bert, very helpful!


9-Mar-2012 15:17

Question: Will Cardbox run from an Ipad without using Cloud.


9-Mar-2012 16:19

Read: http://blog.cardbox.com/ (part Cardbox News for January 2012.)

What it will bring... nobody knows yet.



24-Aug-2013 10:39

I have just read your aspirations on http://blog.cardbox.com whilst I am happy that Cardbox has been around for so long .... I started using it in the 80s and it was the second programme I purchased when I bought my first PC (the first was WordPerfect), I plead for you to attempt a version for iOS (iPod Touch/iPad and iPad mini)

As I advance in years I continue to travel about. With all the things you have to carry IT ends up as just one more thing, and I have started to leave PC and laptops at home and rely on a small iPad/iTouch for the majority of my work life.

The most frustrating thing is that there is NO decent database for the iOS. Apple bought FileMaker and it doesn't get close to Cardbox on its DOS days. Worst of all you have to create your database on PC or Mac and then convert it. Your PC or Mac becomes the server and the tablet the Remote. I thought tablets were supposed to be a business tool.

My plea is that you somehow create an application that allows us the happy users of Cardbox, and some of whom have many and large databases.
I should have the abilty to read existing Cardbox Files, and you should be able to create a file from scratch on your tablet. Sadly I do not have the skills to create such a database, that I know will be welcomed by most of Cardbox owners, particularly as the original is so much more intuitive than anything that is currently available.

Many thanks for allowing this rant/plea.


24-Aug-2013 15:34

Would be great: Android Cardbox app, an IPad app, an iPhone app, a Windows 8 app.
However, just small improvements in the current version are not implemented anymore.
So, dream on. But if anybody feels to make such a thing: I am ready to cooperate!

As far as I know the only workaround for such thing now: make a Cardbox application which is available in the cloud. Add a (mobile) http web interface for your database (using Cardweb for r/o or asp for r/w), and you can use Cardbox in the cloud using the browser in your mobile thing.



29-Aug-2013 13:37

I have documented how to set up a Cardbox Client in the cloud so that you can use Cardbox from an iPad, a Mac, and quite possibly from other devices, to access the databases you have on your Cardbox Server.

The documentation is in the form of a series of blog posts, starting at http://blog.cardbox.com/2013/08/29/accessing-cardbox-without-windows/

Obviously, a cloud computer is needed. The Amazon example used in the blog posts costs between $14 and $29 per month if it is run 24 hours a day, every day. However, there is no reason not to have many people using the same computer, which would clearly reduce the cost per person. And if the computer is only needed at certain times and is made to sleep the rest of the time, the cost is even less, because a sleeping computer costs only $3 per month.

To be clear: this is not a web interface. You use Cardbox through a Remote Desktop client on your iPad, Mac, etc. The blog posts list some Remote Desktop clients which are available as free downloads.

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