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Import data from outlook/access template database

Automatic creation og new cards in a cardbox database with data from an access database provided by an outlool template

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24-Nov-2011 23:00

I´d like to hear about a quick and practical way of importing data without the need of exporting data to a *csv file from an excel database. My concern is the individual new registers are necessary to create in testbase (my cardbox database).
Any help will be much appreciated.
All the best,


25-Nov-2011 04:16

I'm never did it, however, perhaps first step can be found here:

If example works, Access field data is stored in [MYVARIABLE].
Transferring this to Cardbox is a small step then.

Perhaps this example will not work on a relational Access database.


26-Nov-2011 02:34

Hi bert,
Thanks for your quick reaction.
I´ll test it but am still a bit concern about the data from Access which should be transfer to Cardbox. My Access data is stored in several rows and I want to create one individual card in Cardbox for each row data from Access. Does it mean that I have to create a new register (ctrl+d) per each row?.
Perhaps you may assist with basic tips which I have not figured them out:
Do you know how can I get the font type and symbols in Cardbox?.
I can not find out the way of deleting cards once were created, Do you know how to do it?.
With best wishes,


26-Nov-2011 10:50

I understood:
- there is an Access table with several records (rows) and several fields (columns)
- you want to transfer the content of the Access table to a Cardbox db

However: you do not want to write the Access db first to csv, and then read the csv file into Cardbox.
My question: why you do not want to write it first to csv? I think this is - if you 're not a programmer of Cardbox macros - the best way to do it.
Then your question about font types: The layout of your Cardbox db is a matter of Cardbox. You can make what you want, but not import it from Access.
And symbols: which symbols where?
Deleting cards: you cannot find how to delete a record in Cardbox? I think you have first to read the Cardbox manual or frequently push F1 to consult Cardbox Help...?



27-Nov-2011 02:11



19-Dec-2011 16:18

I have my data in an access database and this data is registered with an Outlook template.
I want to export that data to Cardbox.
I´ve exported the data from Access database to an excel document and created a *csv file but some features are not compatible with that format, I could not link between each cell of the CSV and the corresponding field in Cardbox and some cells were included in the same field of Cardbox.
After discarding this import, I tried to import from the database but it seems as if I have to open a data link (*dsn, *ud files) or to create a data link.
I thought that perhaps, it might be easier to create a macro for that purpose.
The tips and assistance will be much appreciated.


19-Dec-2011 18:27

You write:
"some features are not compatible with that format". Tell me, which?

If you cannot link some fields in the the csv to Cardbox: why not?
Is showed in the wizard a list of fields in the csv or do you see only one field of the csv?
If you see more than one field: why you could not link that to existing Cardbox fields? Is there an error message?
If there are more fields in the csv than in Cardbox: add the needed fields first in Cardbox, there read?


20-Dec-2011 08:49

No, I do not get any error message in cardbox. I only get the message that some features are not compatible without specifying which but the result is that some of the data from different cells has gone together into one cell and therefore
I cannot link them into the corresponding individual fields of the record in Cardbox.
The problem is on the CSV file.
Any tips about importing from External database (MS Access) or a Macro will be welcome.


20-Dec-2011 10:47

It seems you're not very experienced with all these things.
However, people on the list can only help you when you more exact write what is happening on what moment.
I understand now:
- you have a csv file which you cannot read by Cardbox
- you only get the message that some features are not compatible - where, when from which program you get this message?
- at import in Cardbox you cannot link your csv fields to Cardbox fields.
That gives not enough information for a solution.

I advise you first to see how importing csv works:
Make with notepad this csv file:

"one 1","two 2,"3 three"
"four 4","five 5","6 six"

Import that csv file into your database. If that works, try to find out why your csv does not work (find differences in structure or so).

I can help you with a macro from Outlook direct reading data to Cardbox. However, that is complex stuff. Not because Cardbox is so difficult, Outlook has a lot of security obstacles which are for a beginner not easy to overcome. I do these things only free-lance. Importing a mdb file I did once before a long time ago. Was also for a non-knower of MS Access not easy, but it was possible. That is why I always advise make a csv. That is more easy and to better to control.


20-Dec-2011 16:19

I made it in another way:
1 I exported from MS Access to a *txt csv file
2 I manipulated the field delimiter , instead of ;
3 I kept the text qualifier "
4 I changed decimal symbol - instead of ,
In this way I was able to link the items from the csv file to the corresponding fields in Cardbox.
Great that am more experienced with Microsoft products.


20-Dec-2011 17:29

It's awful that Microsoft (and HP and many others) does not use consequent the right way of writing csv without telling you that.
If MS did it right at once or did tell you that, you had saved a lot of misery.
Indeed, you need a lot of MS experience to understand this inferior quality.

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