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HELP with writing a MACRO


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4-Oct-2011 13:17

Hi there,

Im trying to create a Macro which can do the following: Go to a reference cell, keep going down cell by cell until it finds a blank cell, select the values, copy them and paste them by transposing into the cell next to where it started from in a row, carry on doing this procedure until it gets to the end of this column. Can you please help me with this Macro. I know its really easy to do for someone who knows Macros but I have forgotten alot of the codes and procedures. Hwlp will be greatly appreciated.



4-Oct-2011 13:27

I'm trying to do this in Excel by the way.


4-Oct-2011 16:36

You're at a wrong site. You need Excel VBA support.

Best suggestion I can give: Google terms as excel vba macro.
You'll get a result of 11 million or so.

Also a lot of good sites with many free examples.



5-Oct-2011 09:14

Ooops.:-$ thanks for your resposne.


5-Oct-2011 10:27

$... I am cheaper in NL.

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