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Transfer Cardbox 2.0 macros to Cardbox 3.0

Copy macros from version 2.0 to version 3.0

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5-Sep-2011 15:41

I have over 100 macros in cardbox 2.0 which i need to copy over to cardbox 3.0. I have a file which has all the macros incorporated. The macro.mcd file.

I understand that the marcos programming language in cardbox 2.0 isn't Visual Basic. Just want to know is there any easy way of copying the macros or will i need to record all the macros again?

Thanks in advance.


5-Sep-2011 17:06

Good decision to upgrade to Cardbox 3.
However, you have to record (only with professional version) or pram al your macros.
There is no conversion tool.
I suppose you did not make all the macros in one day.
So take your time and try to learn step by step the macro language.
Record macros and see what was recorded. This will help you.
Have attention: some things are not recorded by the recorder.

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