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Installing Cardbox 3.0

OK button is greyed out when entering the serial number and signature

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30-Aug-2011 12:51

I am trying to install Cardbox 3.0 Professional on my computer so I can do some testing. From the CD I clicked on Setup > Intall Cardbox 3.0 > Next > Browse to local drive > with the cardbox program files > entered the serial number and signature and selected professional but the OK but is greyed out!

Help Please!!


30-Aug-2011 17:40

Already tried http://cardbox.com/mycardbox.htm?

Else there is: support@cardbox.com.



18-Jun-2016 08:40

Hi bert

Thanks for creating a great product, at all levels it is a stunning and well engineered piece of work.

After a windows 10 profile corruption I had to refresh windows. The software was uninstalled and the installers for db and server do not work now as the dialog for the acceptance of the licence doesn't show the option to accept!

Any ideas how to proceed? Might this be a wider windows 10 issue?

Very best wishes



18-Jun-2016 09:26

I was not the maker of Cardbox....! All loud and honour to the family Kochanski!

I you (re)install Cardbox on a system: remove all license info (folder license, license.ini) of all prior installations of Cardbox.
Downbload on Cardbox.com the latest free versions and don't use licenses any more. You do not need it!

Install a server only as Adminstrator - and not using an "administrator account". There is difference between these things!

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