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adding client folder to cardbox

is there anyway of setting up a folder on a shared drive which can be added and saved via cardbox

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15-Aug-2011 20:27

Hi, i am very new to cardbox but think i may need some help, so here goes.
we use cardbox which is placed on a shared drive and 8 users have access. what i would like to be able to do is place a folder on our shared drive but, access it through cardbox. for example if i called the folder clientdocs i would like to be able to store assessments which, we do for our clients. example if i did an assessment for mr bloggs i could store it in the clientdocs folder named as 1025mrblogs 1025 - relating to his cardbox ID. then in cardbox place a link which when pressed will take you automatically to this folder and show all files relating to this client. remember i am new to this kind of database and i hope this post makes sense.
be gentle with me.


15-Aug-2011 22:23

A gentle question to make it a little clear to me:
- You want to save things - which programs?? - and then first find by a query in Cardbox for determine which folder has to be used? Only Word docs or also other files?
And for retrieving: select a name or number in Cardbox and if found, one click brings to to the folder of the items/docs on the share?
Is this the question?


17-Aug-2011 19:09

Hi Bert,

thank you so much for your reply. Yes i think you are on to what i am thinking. The files will be in word or PDF format. I was thinking along the line of something like a hyperlink.
i will of course need to give each document a unique file name so that it can be easily accessed on the shared folder as we have over 3000 clients and each may have a word or PDF attached.

sorry about this Bert but is this any clearer for you.


18-Aug-2011 12:44

I think...
1- Saving a new word doc: That must first open a Cardbox window. You can select then right folder name (or add a new one). After this the macro can continue and can save your doc in the folder which is mentioned in the current Cardbox record.

2- Making PDF: I think you create PDF by printing? If your PDF maker can be scripted, same procedure.

For both are a Word macro's needed. You have with Word macro's full access to Cardbox.
For both options I should add in Word two buttons for these actions.

However, I think this is not direct for beginners. A little experience in Word VBA is needed I think. So I advise you to find someone who will do that for you. I think that will be not very expensive because this is not much work. But for safe working, it has to be done secure.

Then retrieval: easy show the content of folder can be done by a simple macro in Cardbox. It can launch Windows Explorer showing the content of the folder which was on the current record.

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