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Signature/Licence Issue

The server does not remember the signature.

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3-Aug-2011 11:33

I have a 3 user licence for Cardbox professional.

The server is set up on my computer, and the users use client copies to access this.

I wish to record a macro, but do not have the option to do so. I have been told that this is because under the 'Licences' section of the server menu, the field for the signature is blank.

I have tried to enter the two signatures I have. The first one (under Cardbox Server on the Licence Codes sheet provided) does not get accepted.

The second one (under Cardbox 3.0 on the licence codes sheet), allows me to press OK. However, when check this, the signature box is empty again.

I have tried shutting down and restarting after entry, but it does not help.

Does anyone have any advice?


3-Aug-2011 12:30

-use in clients help menu "manage licenses"
-click on tab loan
-enter machine name or ip from your Cardbox Server.
-you'll see the red button appear for recording macro's



3-Aug-2011 13:06

I couldn't get that to work, because it said I need to close cardbox before the Licence management program could run.

After some messing around, I managed to find that loan tab by going to 'Control Panel', 'Add Remove Programs' and clicking 'Change' on Cardbox 3.0.

Thank you for your help.

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