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Relational DataBases

Asking for a way to create a relational Database in CardBox wich allows to insert new records in one table, related with records from another one.

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14-Jul-2011 22:32


I really appreciate if someone can help me with this question.

I was thinking of creating an application in which some tables were related, but I don't know if Cardbox allows that.

For example, if I have a database with information about Clients (with primary keys) and another with Sales information, Is there any way to use the information from the Client database (with a simple search) instead of having to write it again, when inserting to the SALES database?

The main idea is that when I insert the CLIENT field in a new record in SALES database, I could see all available records from the CLIENT database in a window, so it is easier for the user to pick up an existing value.

Can CardBox do that?

I found another topic in where there is mentioned “Relational searches”, but it’s not what I’m looking for. It helps with final searches, but not when inserting new records.

Thank you for your time.


15-Jul-2011 07:10

Not possible with Cardbox the way you think.
In Cardbox is it smart to make a look-like solution using macros for entering data.
Selecting a customer in database Customers, picking up the info, add it by a macro in a database sales record.
The benefit is that there never will be a (link) problem between database a and database b. Sales is always complete with all info you need.
Do not forget in such a thing to add a automatic number field. It can function as the key field from Customers to Sales.
Just an other way of thinking/working. Works also good.


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