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loading images into record ( cardbox running under WINE in Linux )

Cannot load images into image field of new record.

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4-Jun-2011 18:12


I am running the free months trial of cardbox (Home edition) under WINE in Linux.
I have created a simple image database, with 4 txt fields and one image field, but cannot load any images into the database.
I get an error message listing the path of the file ( a jpg ) saying this file cannot be loaded.

Any help would be very welcome, my main reason for testing cardbox3 is so i can use it firstly as a way to organize and retrieve
photos, so i really would like to get it all working ( by the end of the month :-)

Kind Regards Mike


5-Jun-2011 07:44

Welcome Mike, I have been using Cardbox for years and love it although i am far from an expert, just a happy user so until such time as someone gives you proper advice, I´ll tell you what I know.
I also use it to store images and even video; but on Windows. I have no knowledge of Linux. The database you built must have a designated image field. Then when you wish to load an image into the field, you just right click while in the image field to open a menu which will include "load image from file" and "load non image from file". The former is the one you will use to load images; and the latter for docs, PDFs and video files.
Enjoy Cardbox, makes life a lot easier.


5-Jun-2011 09:49

Hi Juan,

Thank you for , such a quick, response.
I have designed my first little database to test the free months trial installer on Linux (WINE).
I have table/record with 5 fields; 4 are text fields ( date, name, id, comment ) and number 5 is an image field (you are given the option
to choose from: text,image & object ( this is the home edition so i cannot use that i think?) after naming the field. So far so good- i
have 5 field boxes, 4 of which have short fixed text headings ( date etc... ) and the 5th is the image field which i made about the size
of the images that are i the sample photos database.
To add an image - i use the menu "Edit>Edit record" fill in text fields, and can now right click on the image field and select "load from file". Loading any images jpg, png or gif results in an error message " cannot open the requested file"<path to file>" " .
Maybe it is WINE windows emulation that is the problem, i don't know, i have tried loading files from different directories, i.e putting the files from my home directory into the actual directory WINE is installed in ( an emulated C: drive, WINE sees the linux file system as a Z: drive ) all this to no avail.
I am sure it would all work ok under windows, i only use Linux now - i heard that thier is a Mac OSX cardbox version so was hopeful:-).

Kind Regards Mike


5-Jun-2011 11:29

Hi Mos,
Just tested Ubuntu 10.10. A simple clean setup.
Then installed Wine from the Ubuntu software center.
Then a designed a simple database. Two fields: one image field, one descriptor field.
Then downloaded an gif + jpeg image. Try to add it into the image field.
No problem...!

As you wrote: Perhaps the used Wine version cause the problem?

It is a pity that also the Clipboard cannot give you a workaround. Copy an image to Linux you cannot paste into the Cardbox client - it does not "see" the image.

I was very (glad) surprised b.t.w. that a license was not needed for making a db and adding records...!



5-Jun-2011 15:49

Hi Bert,
Well i'm glad at least it works for you, Ubuntu seems to just work easier sometimes.
I am running debian and this is the old version, i have another pc where i stay during the week that has a new clean install of the latest debain release (but no internet so i will not be able to respnd till the weekend:( ), and maybe a different version of WINE.

I will post here (next weekend) if i have any success.

Thanks for your help.

Kind Regards Mike

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