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Cardbox Version 3 on Networked computers using Windows 7

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Dean Jackson

10-May-2011 15:01

Is anyone having problems with using Cardbox Version 3 on Networked Computers using Windows 7?


10-May-2011 15:19

Intensive tested: could find a very, very, very, few unwanted things.
I think most users will not see them...


10-May-2011 15:40

I find it works perfectly all day every day. I had to get my IT consultants to make all the necessary connections but any problems were their's not Cardox's.


Dean Jackson

16-May-2011 10:49

Are your computers using 32bit versions of Windows 7?


16-May-2011 13:25

With w7 works like it must work: as well 32 bit as 64 bit.
By accident I discovered that in the macro environment W7 with certain commands act different.
It seems that MS changed the result of some vbscript (=Cardbox macro!) commands (read more about it on the net).
I think only a very, very few users will met this by the way.

Then: the search "preview of select" dialog, last character of some terms are not correct written on the screen (seems a little damaged). This happens when using the default theme of W7. When you change to a more 'normal' classic theme, this issue is gone.

Also a pity that workspace shortcuts not are added into "the last used programs" list.
This also because the Cardbox workspaces menu now is behind an extra (w7) menu mouse click.
And if you don't like extra clicks (like me) and you use that frequent (like me), then is that not nice from Microsoft and/or Cardbox.
But Microsoft will not change this for Cardbox and I understood, Cardbox does not change it because of Microsoft.

That is what I could find after 2 month intensive use of Cardbox on a w7 32 bit pro machine.
I see until this moment no difference using Cardbox on 64 bit of 32 bit Windows machine.


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