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Parameter is incorrect

Trying to send bulk emails comes up with paramter is incorrect.

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14-Apr-2011 14:47

Have Cardbox 3.0, win XP.
I want to send the content of the format of several record, automatically deriving the recipient's email address from field "EM"
Can send single email through [File], [Send as email] but when sending via [bulk emails] i get the Cardbox error message: "The parameter is incorrect (80070057)". How to find out which parameter and why it's incorrect?


14-Apr-2011 15:55

I cannot get this error. Perhaps a wrong email address somewhere?
Do you use latest build of Cardbox (4294)?

However, in my situation the recipient name never appears in the mail of the recipient.
This seems to me a real bug.



14-Apr-2011 16:51

Correction: no bug - I did send identical messages to each. In that case the recipient is left blank.

The parameter message I could not raise.
You get it at first to send record?
And that same first record: you could send using a single email?


15-Apr-2011 12:26

I think the error is solved. I don't get the error from the office computers, only from my laptop when at home. So it must be the bulk email setup paramters; probably the wrong smtp server in cardbox on the laptop - using a different isp.
Nick C

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