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when i am searching my records... certain fields are not being picked up?

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23-Mar-2011 11:19

When I search for a word or phrase within the whole database, it picks up almost all of the words but not all. There seems to be some fields that dont get searched? any ideas? i know its a bit vague!


23-Mar-2011 12:52

My first thought is: if terms are not found by index searching, are the terms which were not found indexed?
You can see if a term is indexed left below on your screen (status line) when your mouse is on a term. If your colors are standard, the color of such a term is black (not red).

If index search does not find all indexed terms is that wrong. I have experienced this sometimes - then there is somthing wrong with your index or database.
Menu Tools - Rebuild - Database can fix this.

Then there is also "Data search'. Not so fast but this option finds as well as indexed as non-indexed terms (Search Data = Alt+D). See Cardbox Help - Tab search - "Data Search".

Btw: (only) if you want full text retrieval, it is smart to set each field to "index all" in your database design (native format -field properties - index all).


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