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printing problem

hp wirless printer wont print all of a sudden

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14-Jan-2011 10:35

im using a wireless hp printer and even though the printer cable is attatched to the printer, all of a sudden, i cant print anything from cardbox? I can print from all other applications from my pc but nothing from cardbox. When i click print the print makes the usuall sound to let me know its recieved the command to print but nothing gets printed.

any help?

i have updated driver from hp.com but no change. :(


14-Jan-2011 11:38

I first would try in this case to be sure it is Cardbox or something else:

=Edit Format
=Print This format
=600 dpi
=Choose RIGHT(!) printer + papersize
=ok ok.

If it prints nothing, I think you have to write to support@cardbox.com (write also your printer type number).

If it prints the format definition, possible you have to check (renew) your printersettings of your formats. Right paper size? Perhaps your HP wants to use a papersize that it cannot find?



14-Jan-2011 12:39

thanks for the quick reply.

It did print the format which is progress! after it printed the format i went to try to print e.g a letter and still it woulnt print anything.
What do you think im doing wrong Bert?


14-Jan-2011 14:16

Try this:
edit format
printer settings
check on: always use the default windwows printer
choose paper which is actually in your printer (A4 or Letter etc)
source: follow printersettings

If there is a warning in a yellow square:
Look at tab tab margins
set it for testing all on 0
If it does not disappear, negotiate it.

Then ok - save format
Try to print.

If it does not work yet please do this:
edit format
printer settings
tab page width
button copy this report(..)
paste this report in you next post...



14-Jan-2011 14:19

ive made a few adjustment e.g change paper size to standard a4 and something has changed the info is sent to the printer and was showing in the queue for 5-10 mins im now deleting it and it wont delete.
guess i'll have to turn the printer off.
Funny how it will print the format and not the usual stuff i used to be able to print.


14-Jan-2011 14:21

sorry i sent that i didnt realise you'd just sent a reply ... ill try what you suggest and get back to you...


14-Jan-2011 14:49

didnt work Bert thanks for your help though here is the report you requested:
Printer resolution is 600 pixels per inch.
Left margin is 0.13in (required by the printer).
Right margin is 0.15in (required by the printer).
Paper width is 8.27in, so width available for printing = 7.99in (=4795 pixels).

You have chosen the screen font Arial 10.
On the printer, this becomes Arial 10.
Character width: average 36 pixels, maximum 83 pixels.
Your chosen width: 42 pixels (=0.07in).
So, width available for printing = 114 columns.

You have designed your format to be 94 columns wide.


14-Jan-2011 16:02

Well, I can found nothing wrong.

The fact that you can see that there is a Cardbox job in your print queue is positive.
That means that Cardbox sends a job that your printer cannot handle - wrong paper size/weight etc.
Often you can fix that by a push on a printerbutton itself (rtfm of the printer).

I can suggest you two things:
- Design a small new format for test.
- Add ony one small field in it.
Try to print one record.

Try to print a record of a Cardbox sample database. One record of db Contacts b.e.
Let see what happens.

Keep you print que visible so you can see what is happening in Windows...!



14-Jan-2011 16:35

wow Bert i am amazed i didnt think to do that but yes i can print from the sample data base.
Im thinking i may know the problem i checked the server to see if everything was input properly when i moved the cardbox server from a pc which was very old to this one im using now. i just noticed there werent any user licences so ive just added them and behold i notice came up and said there are two copies of the licence on the pc i am using and added that this was illegal. now i cant get on cardbox at all as it seem i have 2 cardbox servers installed. I think this is the problem but cant delete the cardbox server i need to delete as it seems hidden. the one im wanting to use is on my tool bar. any idea what i should do now?


14-Jan-2011 19:32

You can uninstall one Cardbox Server by the Add/Remove software in your control panel.

I think that your print problem has nothing to do with one or another Cardbox Server.
The print process is a matter between Cardbox client en Windows and your printer.

Ok, because you can print a Cardbox sample database, we know that Cardbox is not the problem.
Then your your database print problem: there has to something wrong in the printer settings of your format.
so try to make a new simple format - one field. Try print-preview, try to print.
Success? Look at the printer settings, write them down, add them to the non printing format.

No success? I can write now check this, check that. Can become a long conversation. No time for that...
It is faster to do this: I offer you to email me your format file (.fmt) so I can see something strange.
If there are profiles in you db, I need also passwords.

You can mail it to cbxprint@telfort.nl. This is a temp mail address that is exist until Monday, only for this purpose.
Let me know if you will accept this.


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