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cardbox server ons microsoft home server

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10-Jan-2011 13:21

I am running cardbox server on a microsoft home server.
you can only configuere this server with a inlog screen from an onther computer.

than i browse to the map programfiles cardbox server and dubbelclick cbox3plc.plc, this opened the carbox server settings.
than i can start cardbox server en i select "start the server automaticaly when windows start"
run the server as a program is selected.
i cannot selecte run the server as a system service.

now the problem
When i log out the pc from where I started the server, the server stops.
the cardbox server running icon is shown in the windows taskbar on the pc where the server is started

conclusion the home server cannot run cardbox server without an onther pc.
who knows this problem

thaks in advance.
Ferdinand Mekelenkamp.


10-Jan-2011 14:20


Why you cannot run Cardbox Server a service?
What do you do to activate this, and why you conclude this does not work? Is there a message or something?

(no experience with windows Home Server, but you do not write what is happening exactly)



10-Jan-2011 15:46

The *immediate* behaviour is correct in that if you are running the Cardbox Server as a program then it can only run when the user who is running the program is logged in.

As for the more fundamental question of not being able to set up the system service:

1. Make sure you have the very latest version of the Cardbox Server, since there have been changes to the way in which cbox3cpl.cpl works. The web page you need is http://www.cardbox.com/downloading/updates.htm.

2. If you still have trouble, I note that you have a current support subscription, so you can email us on support@cardbox.com and we can look further into it for you.

Martin Kochanski.


10-Jan-2011 23:54

Just tested: there is indeed a problem. You cannot change the Cardbox Server to function it as a Windows service.
That problem was solved for XP by last version, but as we see now, not for the MS Home server.
I think Cardboss will help you further on!


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