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Clipboard / Paste often stops until I close Cardbox and re-open

I have been getting this annoying issue more and more it seems. I copy an image or text either locally or on line from an auction and it will not paste into Cardbox if this is nn'th time. It will paste into any other suitable program still.

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13-Dec-2010 16:34

Why do I need to close Cardbox and re-start it when I'm updating a number of records, and suddenly it will not accept items in the clipboard. Is there a way to clear this block without having to close the database? It can be locally or online data image or text, it can be Ctrl-C and V, by Mouse, by snipping tool, or any other means. The data will happily paste into other programs, graphics PaintShop etc., text notepad, word etc. Recopying from these doesn't make it work in case there was an issue in the way it has been copied from source... not until I close Cardbox and reopen it. I notice Juan had a similar issue in Dec 2008 - he resolved it by... closing Cardbox and opening it again. Maybe I'm doing this a bit more, but it seems it it happening more and more?
Windows Vista, plenty of ram and disk etc Cardbox ® Version 3.0 (build 4281) Professional Edition.


13-Dec-2010 18:15

That's interesting. About Two years ago (around build 4271) I had same problem.
However: the menu items of Paste and Copy were greyed out and and also I could not copy and paste then.
It happens only on a good working (HP) Win XP notebook. Very strange.

Cardbox did change then some things. It solved my problem. Perhaps yours too?
To activate this solution (which seems a good work-around):
If there is not in your c:\windows folder a file called Cardbox3.ini:
- open notepad
- type this:

Fix Clipboard Listener Bug=1

- Save file as c:\windows\cardbox3.ini.
- Then restart Cardbox client.

If there is a Cardbox3.ini in c:\windows: add mentioned statements in it.

I hope this will fix it for you as it fixed it for me.

Charles Welling

13-Dec-2010 20:00

I see this happen quite often, even when using the latest version. The paste option is greyed out and a restart of Cardbox is the only solution. Modifying the cardbox.ini is not an option, as in all our systems access to local system disks is limited to administrators.


13-Dec-2010 21:04

Hi Charles,
You're right, that is often a problem.
However, in such a situation - and that is my experience at many companies - mostly there are tools running which can do such a thing (add reg keys, configuration files etc) for you automatically. I mean, when Cardbox is an accepted application, then is this not a strange to ask such a thing. Many other applications also need such stuff.

Of course, the best would be if this bug could be fixed. However, Cardboss and I spend a lot of time in it two years ago. We never could find in which situations Cardbox lost it's contact with the clipboard. And that is essential for finding what cause this. Or perhaps it was to complicated to fix it and it was better to repair it by cardbox3.ini.
In my case it solved the problem.



15-Dec-2010 10:24

The design of the pasting system in Cardbox is as follows:

1. Whenever the contents of the clipboard change, Windows sends Cardbox a message.
2. Whenever Cardbox receives a message saying that the contents of the clipboard have changed, it re-evaluates the contents of the clipboard and accordingly decides what can and cannot be pasted.

It now appears that Windows sometimes destroys its own list of applications that should receive a message when the clipboard changes. It is not clear whether this is a bug that has been introduced by Microsoft or whether some other program on the user's computer causes the destruction (the clipboard mechanism depends on every single program in the system following its rules exactly).

The 'cardbox3.ini' workround was designed at a time when Bert and only Bert was encountering the problem. (These things are likelier to happen to Bert than to ordinary people because his sophisticated projects tend to expose latent bugs in Windows). It works by making Cardbox ALWAYS think that the clipboard contains valid data. The user will therefore always see an active Paste button or menu item, whether the clipboard contains anything suitable or not. This impairs the user experience but it does appear to work round the bug, at least in Bert's case.

We normally use 'cardbox3.ini' workrounds when (a) the bug is an obscure one in Windows or the Windows ecosystem on a particular computer; (b) it affects one specific user or system configuration; and (c) the workround makes Cardbox less useful to users in general.

We can consider promoting this to a Tools > Options setting if more people are affected, and if everyone who is affected reports that the 'cardbox3.ini' workround has resolved the problem.


15-Dec-2010 12:03

As I see now I was not the only one....!
I strong prefer a Tools, Options setting!
And I find it still great that Cardbox, if necessary, so fast fix bug or problems!


("sophisticated": I only read the manual...)


15-Dec-2010 14:18

I am always impressed with Cardbox. It is the only program I've used consistently since about (85?) through Vax and Piture, Co-programming, 4Plus to the Windows implementations - I think I've introduced Cardbox to every company I've worked with, and made sure I have my own copy at home. I have obscure bits of data on simple and slightly more complicated databases some of which started out from those old DOS (maybe CPM??) origins; just honed and tuned along the years. Having said that none of it is mindblowing or terribly complex - it just works for me. That's Cardbox. Thank you Messers Assanah, Miralay, Irving and Drawbridge - or whoever it is these days.
(Yes the fix works)

(I hate manuals)

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