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Binding error (eaddrnotavail)

My network hub has had its settings changed and now I can't get Cardbox server to load on its usual computer

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Paul Ginsberg

13-Dec-2010 15:51

Hi there, my network hub and firewall has had its settings changed to connect to a new DSL router (due to a change of ISP). Now I find that Cardbox Server (latest edition) will not load on its normal PC. I stress that no settings have changed on the PC itself.

The error message I am getting is:
Could not bind to socket retcode=10049 (EADDRNOTAVAIL)

I note that the machine's IP address is now (and it shouldn't change as I've reserved the IP address). It may well have previously been; I have a look the server.ini (which says and the Registry but I can't see any reference to

Any suggestions for fault-finding/troubleshooting?


13-Dec-2010 16:47

A suggestion:
- Is it possible to look to server settings by the Windows Control Panel -> Cardbox Server Settings?
- Look at TAB connections - is "Accept all connections" current? Perhaps...

Look also if you do lot load Cardbox Server 2 times (as a service + as a systray program).
 I can reproduce this message when I try to start a Cardbox Server when it's already running on that pc.


Paul Ginsberg

13-Dec-2010 18:19

Hi Bert,
That's great - the first suggestion of going in via the Control Panel and changing it to "accept all connections" resolved the issue. Previously, I had managed to get up the Cardbox Server Settings by right mouse clicking on it and selecting Run As Administrator and that had shown the accept all connections, but evidentally that was giving me a false reading, so I am very happy now it is running again (even after a reboot). Thanks very much for your very prompt assistance!

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