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Jeanine Willo

11-Nov-2010 16:07

We have been successfully using the Cardbox Thesaurus for a number of years now. We are worrying about two things :1) is there a known limit to the number of terms that can be entered in the thesaurus; 2) is this program working with new environments like Windows 2007 ? We would also be interested to know if there still are people out there using the Cardbox Thesaurus ?


12-Nov-2010 08:53

I didn´t even know there was one. I will reach for my cardbox manual as soon as I can to learn how to use it. Sorry I can not answer your question but I shall follow any replies. Thanks for asking.

Charles Welling

12-Nov-2010 13:43

No need to look at your manual Juan, because the Cardbox Thesaurus was a separate programme that was developed long before Cardbox3. I recall that the development was terminated before the product was finished.

Mary Doyle (DAF)

12-Nov-2010 14:21

Jeanine and Juan,

You might be interested in the discussion in a previous forum query



12-Nov-2010 16:09

Oh, the ... good old times of Cardbox 1 (for DOS)
The Cardbox Thesaurus builder was a separate program. I also used it in the late 80's. It was a great tool and I was very sorry to see it abandoned.
I guess the developers considered that with the wider use of free text searching done more and more by end users, a hierarchical thesaurus tool serving a relatively small population of professional librarians trained in thesaurus building and information indexing and searching with the use of controlled vocabularies for maximum relevancy of results, is not worth the effort (who cares about the 500,000 hits returned by Google - you can always just look at the first 5 or 10 brought to the first page by Google's ranking, and ignore the remaining 499,990).

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