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Problems With Licensing

Unable to use Cardbox on other machines

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27-Oct-2010 09:16


I recently tried to record a macro, and realised I had no 'record macro' button. So I came on this forum for help, and was pointed towards a solution, which basically meant my licences were not correct.

I deleted my licence and added it again. My record macro button came back, but now my colleagues cannot open the datatbases, and it is saying it requires a professional licence, which I have.

I have a sheet with Cardbox 3.0 licence Codes. Here's where I am at (with numbers changes of course):


I have tried both signatures and I have either ended up with:

1) Not being able to open any database on any machine
2) Being able to open it (and record macros) on my machine only
3) Being able to open it (but not record macros) on my machine only

Can someone please tell me what I should be doing? I've read the manual, and tried a few things and my head is struggling to comprehend it now!


12-Nov-2010 08:51

I´ll try and help with my limited knowledge, because I did once had the same problem and found that the answer was that I had limited access rights to the files on my PC. You need to open the windows explorer and navigate to the files. Highlight them and then click the right hand mouse button to access the menu. Go to properties and edit the access rights of the file. Hope this helps.

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