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27-Oct-2010 09:03

I am creating a label for shipping information and wants a bigger and thicker font than the sender's text.
In the editor mode of Cardbox, the characters look different. for example the screen and printed all the letters are the same . How can i make this possible.

thanks in advance
answer in Dutch is welcome

Mary Doyle (DAF)

27-Oct-2010 09:24

Hi Ferdinand,

You could use the appearance of the merge box to make everything in the merge box bold. If you have a merge box where you want a mixture of bold and normal characters you could use {+b} and {-b} to change the appearance e.g. This is a {+b} test {-b}. As it is not quite clear to my eyesight on screen, note that these are curly braces. You can also use curly braces to indicate italics {+i}, underline ({+u} etc.

I hope this solves your problem


Mary Doyle (DAF)

27-Oct-2010 10:55

Note typo: ({+u} etc. This should of course read {+u}.


27-Oct-2010 11:10

thank you Mary.
The letters are now bold.
now I also like a different font. on the screen i see a different font, in the screen previeuw I see only the default font (now in bold)
thank you in advance


Mary Doyle (DAF)

27-Oct-2010 11:24

Hi Ferdinand

When editing the format go to printer settings (File > Printer Settings) and change the font for printing. Change for all types of text: Normal, Indexed and Captions (captions = merge boxes). This should give you the result you need.


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