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Typing into a text field.

Erratic and unworkable behaviour from cardbox when I try to type.

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18-Oct-2010 09:10

I recently created a new database, which looks like this:

The three boxes are purely for typing text into. The properties of those three boxes are:

However, I find I am struggling to type into these boxes. It goes blank whilst I type, it pushes the text onto a new line etc. An example of this is here:


Is this something fundamental that I have done wrong?


18-Oct-2010 09:27

1. Same happens on another machine?
If yes: ok, it's not your machine.

2. Did you get a warning when you saved your format?
If yes: read it: it can be the source of the problem. Are your images placed on the right way?

3. Try to change used font to Arial for testing. Perhaps your font cause it. If this solve the problem, re-install used font (or change to well working font).

I think Cardbox Support is interested in your format, so contact also them!



18-Oct-2010 10:01

Bert, I really don't know what I'd do with you. Thank you!

1. Yes, it happens on other machines.
2. No warning.

3. It worked! I edited the font to ariel, and immediately the box changed to look like the top one here, as opposed to the bottom one:

I will pass it onto cardbox support, because surely it should work with most fonts?


18-Oct-2010 10:50

In principle every font can be used.
Perhaps you can change it back now to the font first used en see if same error will happen again. If it does, you now know a working solution...
Which font did you use? A standard windows font? It seems Verdana, but I never met problems with it.



18-Oct-2010 11:07

I used Calibri, and when I turned it back the problems recurred.

It's not a problem to have ariel, but it would be easier if they only had fonts available that worked.


18-Oct-2010 12:18

Interesting: Calibri I often use in Cardbox. No problem.
There seems a misunderstanding between front properties on your system and Cardbox.
Try same font in another application to see if strange things happen?
I use Win XP. As far as I could see, your use XP too?
So, different behaviour of Calibri is hard to explain.

Perhaps the font cache of windows is not correct anymore.
I remember that you can force to rebuild the font cache by to remove/add a font (control Panel - fonts).
But I'me not sure about this.


21-Oct-2010 13:52

I use Calibri in Word (2007) with no issues. I'm on Vista, maybe that was what caused it?


21-Oct-2010 14:52

No idea - I do not use Vista, I will skip this version (will try to find someone who...).

Perhaps any one who has Vista + a Cardbox field that uses Calibri who can tell us somtething about this?


10-Dec-2010 20:59

Hello everyone. I've just gor a new 64-bit Windows 7 machine which has forced me, somewhat reluctantly to upgrade my trusty old Version 2 Cardbox to Version 3.

Whilst playing with a new database for learning purposes, I used Calibri, and got huge problems - while editing text the cursor would jump about randomly to places in the field where there was no text, text overflow markers would appear (that is what the little yellow triangles are at the ends of the fields, isn't it?) and editing became impossible.

On seeing this thread, I changed the font to Verdana and all became sweetness and light. There seems to be something about Calibri...



10-Dec-2010 21:20

With XP: use Calibri often, never a had problem.

Calbiri + Windows 7 perhaps...?

More users met same problem with W7+Calibri+Cardbox+new database?



18-Nov-2011 11:04

There is a bug in the GetCharacterPlacement function in Windows, which operates in a way that directly contradicts its own documentation. The result is that there are serious problems with displaying text that contains ligatures: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Typographic_ligature. Most fonts do not use ligatures, and they display text as one character after another, and they avoid the Microsoft bug and they work with Cardbox. However, Calibri has a list of letter combinations, such as "fi" or "fl" or even "tt", which are not displayed as two letters one after the other but as a single "ligature" or "glyph". This is meant to look better. It also means that the Microsoft bug is activated, and causes the problems that people have reported.

The reason why not everyone encounters the problem with Windows XP is that in Windows XP, the processing of ligatures can be turned on and off. To turn it on, you turn on the "Install files for complex script and right-to-left languages" option in Control Panel > Regional and Language Options > Languages. In Windows 7, the processing of ligatures is permanently turned on, so the problem always happens.

If you are interested, the "Community Content" section at the bottom of Microsoft's documentation page for GetCharacterPlacement - http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/dd144860%28v=vs.85%29.aspx - contains additional information provided by a non-Microsoft software developer, describing exactly why and how GetCharacterPlacement does not work with Calibri.

Microsoft do not intend to correct this bug, or even to correct their documentation. You can see the scale of the problem for yourself by searching Google for "GetCharacterPlacement Calibri". The only way of working round Microsoft's bug within Cardbox would be to change to using a completely different display system, probably full of different (and unknown) Microsoft bugs. This is not something we will do soon.

Accordingly, for the moment, the response has to be "Calibri does not work with Cardbox".

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