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Using Database on my PC

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25-Sep-2010 20:26

I have a single user professonal edition.
However I am getting a error message on my PC which means the hard-drive needs replacing, so while it is out of action I need to transfer my cardbox database to my laptop.
Please could someone give me very simple step by step instructions for how to go about this, and let me know if I will be able to return the database to my PC once it is fixed? Or is there a way I can have it permanently on both computers so I can access the database when away from my office?
Many thanks in advance!


25-Sep-2010 21:31

It depends on the size of the database. Generally you would just need to copy both database and format files to a CD, or DVD disc, or an external hard drive.
You could also have both PC´s linked on a network or transfer them using Laplink.


25-Sep-2010 21:33

Regarding your last question, you can have the software installed in two different machines.


25-Sep-2010 21:45

It's easy to save your db's:

First: If you cannot see file extensions in Windows Explorer: make them visible (should be default...) by:
Tools, Folder Options, View, uncheck hide extensions for known file types.

You have to find all files with extension .fil (databases), .fmt (database design)
Every database has an fmt + fil file.

So use in Windows start menu search files and folders.
You can enter this in search files as : *.fil, *.fmt.
If you use also macro's: the extension to find is *.cbs.
If you have found them, copy it to a save place (USB stick or so).
After this, use Windows Explorer to copy the files from USB stick to your laptop in "my documents" folder or add a folder there "Cardbox" if there is not.

Install Cardbox on your laptop (you can download) and enter your license number.

Return files to your desktop: same process.

Your last question: If you have a network (workgroup) at home, you leave the database on your laptop (for on office). You can use your desktop working across your network in your database on the laptop then.
It is allowed to install one license on more than one computer. Restriction: NOT allowed to work **at same time** on both computers with it.
Another variant: you clan place (for always) the database on an usb stick or external hard disk. You can use it then wherever you want if there is Cardbox on a pc. Do not forget to make backups...



25-Sep-2010 21:46

Thanks but I really need very basic step by step instructions as your answer doesn't mean much to me! Not very computer literate I'm afraid!
I have no idea what Laplink is, and no idea how to even begin linking PCs on a network (can I do this with a single user licence?)
Please could you detail where I start and what I do exactly?


25-Sep-2010 21:47

ooh thanks bert, just seen your reply - will try all this


25-Sep-2010 22:03

Okay - have successfully managed to back up the files to my USB hard drive - Thank you!!.. now need to install Cardbox on my laptop... but how? Don't think I got a CD ROM when I bought it all.. not sure where to find my licence number (I have found my serial number!)
Assume this will be free?


26-Sep-2010 22:18

You can download Cardbox from the website and enter your licence number. To get it you will have to open Cardbox, hopefully it is still installed in your old PC. No need to open a database. Go to Help and then to the About Cardbox tag. You will see your Serial Nº. there.

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