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Accessing Database On Other PC's

Unable to locate server/database from other PC's.

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21-Sep-2010 12:23

We have a 3 user licence. I have the server installed on my PC, and did have client copies on the other two computers in the office. We are connected via a network switch.

We have recently had problems with Cardbox which resulted in us moving the location of the databases to another folder in My Documents.

I am able to open/edit the databases as normal now on my main computer that holds the server, but the others are not. When they try to access the server they get an error message that reads:

"Cannot find server name. No data available for this server name: either it does not exist or you are not connected to the internet (NO_DATA:11004)"

I used the Help Files on Cardbox, but it only gave advice along the lines of connecting to the internet, which is already working fine.

I need to get the client copy to find the server so it can access the databases. We also have a new member of staff so I'll be installing cardbox on there and will need to set it up to access the server too.


21-Sep-2010 12:49

UPDATE: I have downloaded and installed the client version on two different computers. I inputted the server name (steven-pc) on both and had no problem.

I then uninstalled the client version on the computer that could not find the server, and re-downloded and installed it again. It still gives the same error.

I have checked all connections and they are fine. She has access to the internet and can send jobs to the printer, which are all accessed through the same network switch.


21-Sep-2010 14:10

Error 11004 I get when I enter a name of a server which does not exist within my network environment.

-check the name of your Cardbox Server machine (which is also the name of your Cardbox Server)
-If no result: find out the ip number of your Cardbox Server machine.

You can use the found name or ip number in the client (tab-SERVER!), click on it, which should list your served db's.

If there is still a problem: check if a firewall on the Cardbox machine + the client machine allow traffic in port 3105 + 3106.

Btw: I you can only use ip numbers, and entering a machine name does not work, there seems something wrong in the DNS settings of your machine or network.



21-Sep-2010 15:35

Strictly speaking, this error has nothing to do with whether or not a server exists: only with whether its name is known to Windows.

If you ask a web browser to go to www.google.com, it doesn't go to www.google.com. Instead, it asks Windows "what is the IP address of www.google.com?" and Windows tells it (for example) Your web browser then connects to

When you ask Cardbox to open a database on steven-pc, it asks Windows "what is the IP address of steven-pc?" and Windows tells it the answer. Cardbox then connects to the IP address that Windows has given it.

If Windows does not know the IP address of a given name, it reports error 11004, "no data available for this server name".

The translation of server names to IP addresses is done by Windows. How it works is a matter of how Windows networking is set up. In most cases Windows translates server names by querying a DNS server, which is why the help refers to that; but there are other ways for Windows to associate server names with IP addresses.

Until you get Windows properly set up, you can, as Bert suggests, simply use steven-pc's IP address on your network in place of the name 'steven-pc'.


18-Oct-2010 12:01

Hi, sorry for the delay in getting back to this. Thank you for the resonses.

I found my IP address by going to http://whatismyipaddress.com/

I then used that to tell cardbox where to look for the databases instead of using the server name. I got the following error:

"Cannot connect to server:
  A connection attempt failed because the connected party did not properly respond after a period of time, or established connection failed because connected host has failed to respond (ETIMEDOUT: 10060)."

I turned all firewalls and such off and had no joy. The official help says:

"Connection timed out (10060)
There is no computer on the Internet with this IP address (it may exist, but be disconnected). In some cases, the computer does exist but is running a firewall that conceals its existence on the given port (see Port Numbers for more details). In those cases, if a Cardbox server is genuinely running on the relevant computer, the firewall will have to be reconfigured to allow access to it."

I have now gone beyond my knowledge of computers and networking and such, so I have no idea how to proceed.


18-Oct-2010 12:25

http://whatismyipaddress.com/ tells ip of your internet connection.

Your local ip address can be found by using run command in start menu:

cmd <enter>
ipconfig <enter>

read first line.

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