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Drop Down List Filtering

Drop Down list filtered by previous choice - Is this possible?

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Jelly Belly

21-Sep-2010 11:00

Is this possible within Cardbox?

Say I have a drop down list called 'Pets' and another called 'Breed'. If I select Dog from the first list, I only want a list of Dog breeds to be shown in the second list or if Cats are selected then only Cat breeds are shown in the second list.

Currently all possibilities are shown in the second list which makes the list quite big.


21-Sep-2010 11:49

This is not possible in Cardbox.
It is one of my wishes for future that lists could be handled by macros.

However, a vb(6) programme that cooperates with the listindex of a Cardbox db can bring you this.
I wrote something similar for a customer. The available terms were stored in a separate db.
Selected terms were inserted in the current db.
Also maintenance of the terms could be done by that little application.


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