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Upgrade from v. 2 to 3 on W7

Tried to load the new CD on to the new W7 notebook but 'set licence' remains greyed out after entering details & lack of help ??? to guide!

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25-Aug-2010 10:09

My previous v. 2 running under XP would not load into W7 on my new notebook and so had to upgrade. Having done so & launched Setup, and been asked to 'set licence' I entered my new serial number and no. of users & edition & assumed that 'signature' meant my name (?) the OK button remains greyed out! Why? No error message & no guidance/help??? ! No request to put my previous v.2 disc in! Unhelpful!


25-Aug-2010 14:17

It's all been sorted out.

For future reference - if anyone out there finds himself in a similar situation: the signature code comes with the Cardbox package (in the CD envelope for Professional and on the inside back cover of the book for Home). If for any reason you can't find it, don't worry, just email us (either Sales or Support in this case) and we'll help.

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