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DOS Cardbox circa 1986

Convert to Cardbox 3.0 for Windows

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30-Jul-2010 14:27

Just found this forum after 25 years of using CardBox ! I have tried to do a conversion from the original DOS based v1 but am unable to get the format file to convert. Is it possible or do I need to go to Tech Support ?


30-Jul-2010 16:25

You cannot "transfer" the .dos format into the Cardbox for windows format.

In order to "convert" the content of your old .DOS database, you must first create the new version format file:

- design a new format in your new version of cardbox, containing all the fields you had in the old database (if using .dmp), or at least all the fields whose content you wish to transfer (if using .ext).
- export your old database (If I remember correctly from 17 years ago when I last used the DOS version ;-D the commands are: File-Transfer-Write)- into .dmp or .ext format
-import the .dmp or .ext file into the newly designed database.

IMPORTANT NOTE: although unlike the DOS version which only allowed two digit field names - the new version allows long field names, you must use the same two digit names in the new format design, because the field names in the input file (i.e. what you exported from the old database) must exactly match the field names in the new database.
You may re-name the fields later and change field properties to take advantage of the many neat possibilities the new version offers.

If you need any further help, please feel free to contact me off list at icar-consulting@rogers.com.


30-Jul-2010 17:10

Last version which could convert frm format files to fmt format files is Cardbox 2.0 Windows.
If you cannot find someone to convert it for you, I can do it for you.



30-Jul-2010 17:25

1986 sounds like Cardbox-Plus version 3 or 4, in which case the filetype of the format file is .FRM, and the utility that is needed for the conversion can be found at http://www.cardbox.com/downloading/other/upgrade.htm.

Cardbox-Plus versions 1 and 2 used format files of filetype .FMT, in which case things are indeed more complicated. Full (though old) instructions are at the Very Old Databases page at http://www.cardbox.com/v2/upgrade-old.htm.

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