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Announcing a new release for CardWeb - version 1.30

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2-Jun-2010 14:30

in December 2008 colm_c wondered if Cardbox could be searched by a web interface

Both Charles and Bert from Holland gave a reply and a link to the site http://www.cardweb.nl

However the message was placed on forum Macros and Programming and not in Cardbox Talk, that's why we add a message on the same topic but now in Talk

CardWeb is for over 8 years on the market in Holland and maybe there are users in other countries looking for a solution to make Cardbox databases available on the intranet or internet or both like some of our customers (total users now 44 most on private networks)

Please visit the home page for details and can explore things right now.

If you are allowed to open server "database.cardbox.net" (using port 3105)
enter our server address "cardbox.iota.nl" and open database Contacts3 (or Contacts) and explore it's content and next click on the link to do the same query in your browser

If port 3105 is blocked please ask your system administrator to open port 3105 or download the database from http://www.cardweb.nl/Contacts3.zip

Out soon: implementation for the "Non-Image files" option

Have fun,


Gordon Wardle

29-Jan-2016 12:56

I tried www.cardweb.nl but that seems to be a dead link. Cardbox server works well but my access from my office is blocked by my company firewall. Has there been any progress on a web based Cardbox for a server? or a Mobile app? The last postings on this subject are now a few years old.


29-Jan-2016 13:37

If you type in Google: Cardweb you will see : http://www.cardbox.nl/cardweb.html

There will never be a web interface for Cardbox. Cardbox development has shut down.

A Cardbox app: make a web interface as mobile web page. Cheaper and much more easy to develop. Such a web page can developed in combination with Cardweb which is a read only webserver talking with Cardbox Server. Possible in Windows and Linux.
On the Cardweb pages you can see a very simple example of a Cardweb interface.

If you want read+write in a Cardbox database using a web interface, then you can use ASP - built in every pro version of Windows.
On my (Dutch train images) website http://stortenbeker.eu is an example from an ASP application with Cardbox. I did not implement writing there (I feed the database by Cardbox Client). However, in an other application which is not on the web, I developed writing - also with a certain way of record record locking (record is blocked for writing when some one else is editing same record).

Firewall: for an app or Cardbox Server or Cardweb or ASP, you have to give permissions to your firewall to allow traffic from you local network to the internet. An app is always a client from a server. And servers needs Firewall permission to send information to the rest of the world en to receive information from the rest of the world to your server. That permission can be setup buy your IT department I think.


10-Feb-2016 15:56

In addition to the new location a short introduction:

Method A (preferred)
In the Cardbox client:
File open > the Cardbox server Tab > type the server address: cardbox.iota.nl
there are 3 databases available: Contacts, Contacts3 and Dora to make you familiar with the content
At the bottom there is a Cardbox Text item containing a http-link to open a window in your browser

Method B
In your browser:
Type cardweb.iota.nl
A Dutch Welcome page gives a list of the databases mentioned above

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