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Function keys to run macros

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26-May-2010 09:42

I cannot get function keys to activate macros any more.
I have done tools - keyboard - add, then get a message to select the key strokes. When the message box is closed all the options are greyed out & I cannot activate any function keys. Any ideas please


26-May-2010 20:02

Three questions:

1 This Computer Tab or Workspace Tab?
2 What happens if you want to add F10?
3 Which line is activated (blue) when the "Enter Keystroke" has disappeard?



30-May-2010 11:30

Thanks, I have achieved what I was trying to do. When I tried F10 I got message 'reserved for use by system' & I tried another keystroke while the message box was still open, which then worked. Previously I was exiting the message box then trying to select my keystrokes. It doesnt seem to make any difference which tab I am in, please can you explain the difference to me.


30-May-2010 12:25

If you use one instance of Cardbox there is no difference.

If you want to use more than one instance of Cardbox then is it possible to give a name to every instance by the workspace possibilities.
Every workspace can contain different keystrokes, macros, special menu items etc etc.

See in HELP for the properties of a workspace and how to use this.
Search HELP index keyword WORKSPACES.



16-Aug-2010 02:53

Hi, i have no idea what macro programming is about but i have some programming backgroud, can any guide me along?

i writing a simple program on how to do thing like calculate the total by pressing 1 button will be come out, anyone help


16-Aug-2010 03:42

dim args1(12) as new com.sun.star.beans.PropertyValue mean? i dun understand

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